…the comic

“Artistically impaired” is a webcomic that might or might not mix gaming humor, nerdy humor, occasional political humor… and definitely some fan service. The idea of a webcomic floated around for a long time but it never came into existence. So lets just hope for the best? (°u°)

This slice-of-life comic might or might not feature bad language, dark humor and mildly nsfw content. Honestly, who knows! You read at your own risk is all I’m saying.

…the autor

(not an actual photo)

In “real life” (as cynics tend to call it) mostly known as Cam’.

Cam’ is a regular dude that occasionally finds the motivation to draw something. He is also easy irritated and very fluent in sarcasm.

Born and raised in Spain, but moved as a pre-teen to Switzerland, in the heart of Europe, to work in the chocolate mines.

On the console wars he sides #teamnintendo, but owns a playstation too. Moslty chaotic good character alignment.


When will you make a new comic? What is the update schedule?

Honestly? No idea. Drawing is a long forgotten hobby I’m trying to pick up again, while still working full time (or more!).

Can I use your comics/art for icons, avatars, reaction images, and other non-profit image sharing (read “memes)?

Of course! Credit and/or a link back is always appreciated, but not even expected. Who am I to stand in the way of the internet finest traditions! Also you would do it anyway.

Will you do a comic about [insert topic here]?

Yes. No! Maybe? I don’t know…! Can you repeat the question?

What other webcomics inspired you to start “for realsies” this time?

I assume mostly all the reaaaally bad ones that made me go “pfff- I could do that!“. But my true love for comics will always be Mort & Phil. That’s the comic I grew up with and always loved. I do possess a huge collection, too!

Do you run a patreon? Or merch? Or any other way to support this?

Nope. I’m doing this purely for funsies. Also I wouldn’t want to take any money as long as I can’t offer a regular update schedule. It wouldn’t be right.

Why go with English? Why not Spanish?

English is not my first language, nor the second. Hell, it’s not even the third. But it is the language of the internet and video games. So that’s that. I might however translate this place one day, the website is already configured to support bilingual comics.